Brick Cleaning 


When cleaning brick or stone work it is more common to use a high powered pressure washer, but water alone may not pull the carbon deposits from the brick or stone surface.

If this problem does occur then a traffic film remover will be applied and power washed off. In some cases there may still be a problem due to the heavy carbon deposits, if this does occur then a mild form of brick acid will be applied until the brick or stone work is clean.

This operation may take several coatings.

We will NOT under any circumstance GRIND OR SAND OFF THE FACE OF YOUR BRICKS TO CLEAN THEM this will only result in damage to the fabric of the property, water will absorb more quickly there for can speed up the spalling process.


     This property in Chelmsford, Essex was cleaned then pointed 3.5 NHL mortar finished in a flush profile.

  Ivy Removal 


We can also offer our Ivy removal services which includes removal of foliage and root, 

cleaning of brickwork as shown below.


For more information on our Ivy removal service please use our contact page or call: 01268 655079 / 07711 388715